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To keep your equipment operating correctly and to keep equipment from failing prematurly it needs to be serviced at least once a year. This also can give an opertunity to have the equipment looked over for any possible issues that the physical parts of the equipment may show but is not visible to the user yet such as fan that has stopped working that could allow the equipment to overheat and damage critical parts.

If you are interested let us know. Not including travel time to your location we can generally clean up to 6 workstations or 1 Server and and 3 workstations for $80. So if you have 1 server and 9 workstations, plus a travel time of half an hour to your location it would cost $240. Considering that the cost of a motherboard and processor is usually over this price (common parts that get damaged and have to be replaced when a piece of equipment overheats.)

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