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To coincide with the products we deal with we have realized that for some there Internet is lacking. Though we do not provide any ISP services we may be able to help you look at your options and see if what you have is the best ISP in your area or if you may get a better service with another ISP. Give us a call and let's discuss your ISP issues.

We strive to give our clients the best equipment to work with that we can. Our main Server and Workstation distributor is Eastern Data. With 5 year parts warranties on our servers and workstations, and servers with intel motherboards. We try to provide equipment that will not only last out these warranties but go beyond to keep you from having to replace equipment every few years because of outgrowth.

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Needing a good Laptop or Tablet Hybrid? We have come to find Fujitsu has some of the best performance in this area. Clients have had great performance and longevity with these systems, and with the Laptop/tablet rotational screen and stylus seem to prefer them over other brands.

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Need a good antivirus for a reasonable price? Avast offers great products for this need. They are good on balancing protection and performance to provide you with a product that will help keep you secure.

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Need to monitor employees computer usage? ActivTrak is a great way to do this giving you useful information and screenshots of computer usage and history. It is free for monitoring up to 3 machines. Give us a call if your are in need of this service and see if we can help setup this service and make your business more productive.

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Is it time to upgrade or buy new networking equipment such as a router, switch or access point? TP-Link makes great equipment at good prices and has many different scalable options to choose from.

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Have problems with surges and brownouts affecting or restarting your equipment? APC has been in the business of Battery backups and surge protectors for years. Battery backups protect against both brown outs and surges while the surge protectors protect against surges for equipment that can not be put on battery backups. APC is known for reliable protective equipment.

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Looking for a card or sheet feed scanner? Ambir scanners are affordable and stand behind their product offering great warranties on these products. You can upgrade the card scanner software if needed and the sheet fed scanners range from 20 pages per minute to 60 pages per minute. This equipment stands up well or beyond the competition.

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Need a good Receipt printer? Star has some of the best receipt printers whether you need carbon based or Thermal print.

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Have a Windows server and looking to cut down the paper use of receiving faxes or just want to send faxes from your workstations without printing and having to wait at the fax machine for them to scan through? Main Pine Fax boards are affordable and work great for this. They also come in 1, 2, 4, or 8 ports for different size businesses who may need more than just one fax line.

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We proudly use Synnex as one of our main distributors for equipment that does not come directly to use from the manufacture.

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Do you need a different backup solution and our regular backup solution not able to fit your needs? Tandberg Data offers the RDX line for this.

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If one of our Eastern Data systems does fit your needs, we also work with Nexlink Systems as well for servers and Workstations.

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Would rather use AVG antivirus than Avast? You can still use AVG and it's still a great product!

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Need different software for your backup solution? We also have Paragon Softwares backup and hard drive management software to fit this need. It is a robust software package with many capabilities.

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Need a different fax server board? Dialogic makes a good product with error correction built into the board.

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Need your Okidata Printer fixed? We use Seneca Data who is the Main Okidata parts distributor and the manufacture of Nexlink equipment.

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We are glad to have Ingram Micro as another one of our distributors for equipment that we do not receive straight from the manufacturer.

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On any equipment that we sell, we see it as what would we do in your shoes. Would we buy that cheap computer that is 2/3 the price and will not last as long or have as good a warranty, or would we rather put a little more in and get better equipment that will last longer with a better warranty. We have seen too many times that cheaper computer not lasting as long because it malfunctioned sooner than expected and usually right after warranty, or was build on the year befores requirements and technology and had to be replaced because it no longer met the needs as the software it runs.

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